At my husband's urging I'm adding that I was really young when I thought these things, except nuclear which he set me straight on.
  1. Spicket ---------is really---------> spigot 😨
    The first time I saw this word in a book I was like, "what's spi-got?" It took a few seconds and me rereading the sentence for context and boom! It hit me! Spicket is spelled g-o-t!! My young mind was blown.
  2. Tenna shoes -----are really----> tennis shoes 😥
    What I wore everyday to run around in and then I read a book that mentioned tennis shoes and I was like "They make tenna shoes just for tennis. How stupi--OHHH, I'm the stupid one" Mind blown again.
  3. Nuculer ---------is really---------> nuclear 😕
    Yeah I pronounced it like Bush, leave me alone