Some good some okay...
  1. Imposter
    This is actually well shot, almost film like quality.
  2. The Wolfpack
    The creativeness these kids posses is amazing!
  3. About Tiller
    I honestly had not read about this one, just picked it from a list. Well done, but extremely controversial.
  4. In a Town This Small
  5. What Happened, Miss Simone?
    Simone is one of my favorite pianists/singers.
  6. Serial Killer Culture
  7. Gideon's Army
    Great view into the public defender's office, but I do wish there would have been a little more about Gideon's case. After I had to go to Wiki to read about it.
  8. Tar Creek
    The problem with money and industry.
  9. Cropsey
    Joshua Zeman documentaries are pretty cool.
  10. Killer Legends
    Joshua Zeman.
  11. The Thin Blue Line
    Frustrating but that's what it's supposed to do, make you think. By the title I really thought it was a looking inside the police department.
  12. The Farm: Life Inside Angola
    I live in New Orleans and Angola is often our version of Cropsey. If you are a bad child they, whoever they were back then, will take you to Angola.
  13. Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film
    So sad that film is dying off especially after watching this. The faces of children light up as the little card pops out from the camera.
  14. The Atomic States of America
    A whopper about nuclear power.
  15. All This Mayhem
    I wasn't aware of the brothers being in the sport, but I'm also one of those people who hear skateboarding and can only name Tony Hawk.