Streetwear is not a game.
  1. As I said above Streetwear is far from a game. Coming into Streetwear it took me almost a year of research to get to know the actual history and story behind all the trendsetting brands which started this industry. My god this year has been stressful. I haven't had a second to think about anything else in life other than business and school.
  2. Retail is hard to say the least. I learn season after season what sells, what doesn't, and how I can come up with my own original shit that's not like others stuff but will still sell and be used during that season.
  3. Competition is mind blowing. If I had a team behind me the things Illusive would be putting out would be legendary. As it's hard enough I do everything myself keeping up with a store who sells your clothes is even harder.
  4. Bipolar weather doesn't help. This explains why half of retailers are in real big trouble because they can't sell their coats and jackets for retail prices. For some reason it's just not cold enough this year for people to feel the need to purchase brand new jackets (for some at least).
  5. Sometimes I feel like giving up. It's really really hard designing for 2016 because I'm trying to set the bar higher than ever before. I'm putting so much work in I don't think about anything else. I guess I'm a workaholic. But giving up often appears in my thoughts when I'm unsure about a certain release. I guess I'll see how you react next drop.
  6. Being 17 I'm looked down upon, which is dumb. I make shirts so do you what does my age have to do with this?
  7. Competition with bigger brands really hurts at times. Being at a store with legends who have a rep in the industry for over ten years definitely effects business. Ya it's an honor to be next to them, but people are starting to really like Illusives quality which is good.
  8. It's sad to see how the local Streetwear scene in the valley is starting to fade a bit. If my friend owned a brand and I didn't own Illusive id be helping him and repping his stuff 24/7 making it in this industry is hard enough support your friends if they're making moves. You never know where people end up, support em.
  9. Bringing back the valley Streetwear scene is my mission this year also to expand the audience of Illusive to exclusive girls pieces and exclusive guys pieces.
  10. Success in retail is hard and it goes up and down especially if the weather is bipolar af.
  11. Much love to Collective for making my dreams come true last year this year it's a different ball game there's no half ass drops coming out no rushing I'm taking my time and perfecting every last piece.
  12. Expect Illusive to grow more than it ever has this year I'm gonna be writing my thoughts down like this as it helps me stay focused and helps those who like Illusive know what's going on in my mind without spoiling any surprises.
  13. Last but not least, thank you all for your support of Illusive yes Illusive made it to 2016 couldn't have done it without you. Illusive has progressed a lot from the beginning of 2015 can't wait to show you what's in store. Color ways and style this year is different. I'm dropping things other brands aren't this year. Much love. Stay up.
  14. Oh and happy new year. -illusivechase