This is my first time using the list app so here we go...
  1. Can't believe the school year is over tomorrow. This year went by so fast it feels like everything was in fast motion. As I reflect on this year, Illusive has gone places. Not only did I double our following base and release a new identity of the brand, I've began to change personally as a designer.
  2. My changes in designing I've realized depend greatly on the environment I'm in, the people I surround myself with, the theme i set to mind, and most importantly the music I blast during the creative process.
  3. Music is so important while designing is required for me, for this collection I'm working on currently I've had Bryson tiller on repeat. Not only does this blend in with the theme of next collection, the beats literally are so catchy I can't stop blasting his music, not only trapsoul, but his other releases as well.
  4. This past month I've tried to slow down the creative process as before I would rush towards the end of the process and not get the same pleasure I have when I take my time because the best graphics I've ever made have been done with time on my side.
  5. This year at school has been quite interesting to say the least, I'm not sure if it's bad vibes or something about it school just isn't the same to me anymore. What gets to me is the fact I can't rep my own brand but that's a discussion for a different day.
  6. People are just starting to find out about Illusive and sometimes it's for the wrong reasons, I've responded to more than 1200 emails asking for free shit with the same response, no.
  7. Free shit is not real people. The reality tv shows you watch and some celebrities you follow have given you the idea that just because your name is *insert your name here* you deserve free merchandise that's not the case. I'd love to hand out free product to everyone but think about the 120-150 hours of designing and hard work goes into the stuff
  8. Overall I'd say I'm really happy Illusive is successful but I really do wish more people would stop lying to my face saying they'd rep stuff when they really wouldn't. If you feel Illusive that's sick it's not a brand meant for everyone, it has a niche and it's for people who are risk takers, ambitious, who would do anything to achieve their goals.
  9. Thank you all who support Illusive it means the world to me, going into 2016 with lots of positive vibes and learning experiences from 2015. Something I plan on doing next year is getting to know all of you better, expand Illusive into its niche and change the style up a bit.
  10. Progress, Ambition, Positive Vibes, Great Food, Photography, Illustrating, Art, and more heavily focused on fashion, 2016 is going to be an amazing year.
  11. Much love,
  12. Illusive Chase
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