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  1. Gugra
  2. Sev mumr
  3. Nankathai
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  1. My radio is always tuned into BBC Radio 4. I listen to The Today programme daily and feel out of touch with the world on those rare occasions when I miss it.
  2. I take naps on weekends and days off. Around 2pm I feel the need to curl up on the couch and snooze.
  3. I felt weird with saying the word "Hey" for a long time. I don't know why but just felt it didn't suit me. Now I say it all the time.
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  1. Chatting to my nice neighbour Andy the cool dude from downstairs
  2. Relaxing in the park whilst texting my loving friend Claire and reading George's Marvellous Medicine
  3. Putting on The Office US and having a nap. Lying on the sofa trying not to think about tomorrow.