10 Costumes I have worn and 10 costumes I would like to wear

  1. 1) Punky Brewster
    I think I've recycled this one 3 times
  2. 2) Margot Tenenbaum
    my favorite one so far and I had the fake finger...I wish I knew where that thing went.
  3. 3) Coraline
    I even had button eyes
  4. 4) Hipster Louise from bobs burger
    I used a glo worm as my kuchi kopi
  5. 5) Jem
    it wasn't perfect and should probably do it right since I was like 7 or 8 the first and only time I was jem
  6. 6) Bonnie and Clyde
    I was Bonnie, obvi
  7. 7) Elle Driver
    first and only pant suit from Victoria's Secret...good god that was expensive
  8. 8) Daria
    I loved this costume but such a horrible night
  9. 9) Log Lady
    from twin peaks...
  10. 10) Fred Durst
    yeah...embarrassing to admit but it was 1999 and an easy costume to put together...
  11. 1) Mia Wallace
    I would love to be this with the needle stuck in my chest. too much? nah
  12. 2) Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
    I want the orange sweatshirt, blue hand warmers and blue hair look :)
  13. 3) Enid from Ghost World
    the raptor shirt with the green skirt
  14. 4) Lydia Deetz
    from the beetlejuice movie and would either want the wedding dress or the school uniform
  15. 5) Lydia Deetz
    yeah it's on here twice, this one would be the Lydia from the beetlejuice cartoon with the red spiderweb poncho
  16. 6) Patty Mayonnaise from Doug
    if I can find a porkchop cool, if I can find a Doug or Quailman, even better
  17. 7) Rainbow Brite
    because this girl in my preschool had the best Rainbow Brite costume ever and I've always wanted it and I will have it!
  18. 8) Andie and Duckie from Pretty in Pink
    fun fact, in the original ending Andie and Duckie ended up together but audiences didn't respond well to it so they reshot so Andie would end up with Blane who at this point had to wear a wig cuz he shaved his head in real life...horrible wig (Overboard)
  19. 9) Wednesday Adams
    makes sense
  20. 10) I want to be everything and everyone so I can't commit to just 10 :)