Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I have tonnns of screenshots...why?
  1. dipping a taco into a fountain of cheese.
    no description needed, who wouldn't enjoy this?
  2. Scare Glow
    picture to remind myself to find and purchase 1 scare glow (someday)
  3. Teen Angst
    was planning on sending this to a friend to remind her how we purchased this cd together from blockbuster music when we were in junior high but decided, nah.
  4. I'd buy it if it was in black
    I'd buy it if it was in black.
  5. Instagram ad suggestion
    clicked the ad. was totally enamored by this machine. scroll to bottom. crushed. $2,400!!!!?
  6. Hey Pinocchio Where Are You Going
    looooooove The Burbs, favorite line from the movie but idk why I need this photo.
  7. Buffalo Bill
    read this thing. this is tinder gold.
  8. Channing Jareth
    Idiotsitter episode, don't remember what was happening or why this exists but I'm glad that it does.