It's never too late to listen to your "inner child."
  1. Just Say No.
    In high school, I never had a problem saying "no" to alcohol and substances, but I had trouble saying "no" to others. A lifelong "people pleaser," I've only recently understood the downside of being a "yes" girl.
  2. Steer clear of sociopaths.
    I always thought sociopaths had to fit the description of criminals depicted on 48-Hours. I didn't realize that preying on one's empathy to "get" something and needing to triumph others were signs of this personality disorder.
  3. Embracing grief will save you from suffering.
    I think we all do this; we try to change someone or a circumstance because it's hard to face what we can't have or what someone will never be. So often this is a defense against grief. Acknowledging heartbreak is the antidote to prolonged suffering.
  4. Write it out.
    There's no greater clarity than the power of words. When in doubt, write it out.
  5. Time does not heal all wounds.
    It's what we do and make of time that matters most.
  6. It's never a good idea to wear socks with sandals.
    Wish someone would have told me that when I thought Birkenstocks looked great with white socks.