Bad Inventions.

It sounded like a good idea, but....
  1. The Thigh Master.
    An infromercial gimmick endorsed by the actress from "Three's Company." This gadget promised to help tone the thighs, but actually perpetuated the false notion that "spot training" is a thing.
  2. The Flowbe.
    Too busy for a haircut? The flowbe claimed to cut your hair evenly with just the press of a button. Never trust a product that looks more like a garden hose than a pair of scissors ✂️ especially when it comes to styling hair.
  3. The Snuggie.
    This "wearable" blanket caught some slack from the Atlantic for "ripping off customers" by charging additional taxes/shipping costs. Dishonesty aside, I see no benefit to this blanket/robe item, which resembles a wearable sleeping bag.
  4. IPhone.
    While I'm typing this li st on my iPhone, I'm doing so instead of going to sleep. While this phone has transformed the way we connect with others, it's eroded our desire to connect with each other the "old fashioned" way, and perpetuates poor sleep hygiene in households across the world.
  5. The Clapper.
    Made to look like a "remote control" for your lights, this invention induces laziness, which may lead to weight gain and deep vein thrombosis; yes, "The Clapper" could kill you.