The highs and lows of the freelance world. After a stellar May and June, I've received oodles of rejections in July and August. Here's a glimpse of my homeless stories.
  1. Headline: "Horoscopes Make us Feel Special by Highlighting the Ordinary," a story about the psychological phenomenon called "the Barnum Effect."
    Pitched to two outlets. One editor didn't respond. The other said, "This isn't for us!"
  2. Headline: "Want to Avoid an Emotional Outburst? Talk to Yourself in the Third Person," a story about new research highlighting the emotional benefits of "third-person" self-talk.
    Pitched to so many outlets, I've lost track. Ghosted, meaning no one responded.
  3. Headline: "Trauma-Based mindfulness interventions can help mothers with opioid addiction recover, New Research Shows."
    Rejected by the Washington Post.
  4. Headline: "Motherhood Takes a Toll on Women's Self-Esteem, a Psychologist Explains Why."
    Another pitch that's been "ghosted" meaning it's floating around in cyberspace.
  5. I'm sure there are other "rejected" pitches in the pile, too. But I've blocked them from my memory to protect my ego. At the end of the day, freelancing is effing hard. After landing some solid bylines, I'm still always "starting over."