1. You're complaining.
  2. Positive thinking cures all bad moods.
  3. You're crazy.
  4. You should break up with your partner, start a family, or quit your job.
  5. You talk too much.
  6. You don't talk enough.
  7. You don't analyze your problems enough.
  8. You analyze your problems too much.
  9. Starting a daily gratitude practice will put a smile on your face.
  10. Your parents are solely to blame for your difficulties.
  11. Your parents played no role in the development of your depression, anxiety, eating disorder, etc.
  12. Change happens quickly.
  13. Crying is a bad thing.
  14. Not crying is a bad thing.
  15. Expressing anger means you're a jerk.
  16. Not expressing anger means your passive.
  17. They know better than you do.
  18. They can suture your emotional wounds.
  19. You would have been, a,b,or c if you had been breast fed as a baby.