Things that spark joy.
  1. Pencils in rainbow colors with pink erasers that resemble bubble gum.
  2. Not having writer's block when working on a deadline.
  3. Connecting the emotional dots during therapy to arrive at a new insight that gives me something to ponder during the week.
    Nothing better than a self-improvement "Aha" moment.
  4. Letting go of attachments to outcomes = less suffering.
    Cliche Buddhism 101, but true.
  5. Honest conversations that don't require a filter.
    How often do we emotionally edit our words? What happens to the feelings that don't get expressed? Better out than in, that's my mantra.
  6. Green turn arrows on traffic lights, especially when driving in San Francisco.
    Cautious drivers in SF may relate to this joy.
  7. Diet Coke from the fountain that has the right combo of syrup and carbonated water.
    Fountain sodas are a gamble.
  8. Short lines at In-n-Out.
    This rarely happens.