Not My Thing.

I'm incompatible with.......
  1. I'm convinced I'm allergic to all sports. We've never gotten along well, and I don't think we ever will.
  2. Small Talk. I prefer "Big Talk." If we're going to talk about the weather, tell me what storm best describes you.......
  3. Seafood. When I politely decline shrimp cocktail or oysters, please don't try to convince me that I'll change my mind if I "try it."
  4. Camping. From this photo, camping ⛺️ looks peaceful, but I've never had a tranquil camping experience.
  5. Tennis Shoes. I know the majority of Americans find this type of footwear comfortable, even stylish. I'm convinced tennis shoes look ridiculous on me, and I only wear them to the gym.
  6. Large Parties. I realize many people are energized by parties, but I'm not one of them. As a huge introvert, they truly drain me.