Reflections on motherhood thus far....
  1. She is my mirror,
    Not because of our physical and personality similarities, but because she reflects and absorbs what I'm thinking and feeling, even when I don't notice.
  2. Let it go,
    The ultimate mantra for parenthood. As she turns 9, and her childhood comes close to an end, I find myself holding onto the "moments," the way she holds my hand when we walk down the street, the way she says "Mama," reflections of a chapter that may soon close as she enters "tweendom."
  3. Making Peace,
    with motherhood mistakes, the disappearance of my "pre-baby" body, the fact I'm not a "doer" as a parent, and accepting that sometimes introversion and mothering are not the best of friends.
  4. Giving her the love,
    that I never felt from my family is ultimately healing. Not because it undoes grief, but because it's evidence that change is possible.