Tuesday musings.....
  1. Why do people accuse others of being "too nice?" How can one be too nice? Is this accusation a defense against accepting kindness? I don't get it. Similarly, how can one be "too mean?" Perhaps it's a grammatical error and long ago the word "too" got shoved into a place where it doesn't belong.
  2. Can cats really suffer from "whisker fatigue?" I read a story in the @nytimes that mentions this health ailment as a cause of feline chin acne and eating problems.
  3. I only have two hours each eve to devote to television, which series should I watch? House of Cards? Or Million Dollar Listing NYC?
  4. Why are unicorns 🦄 so wildly popular and why is unicorn the new word for "exceptional," "surprising," and "unique?"
  5. While shopping 🛒 @target recently, I spotted racks of adult onesie animal costumes—Pokémon, tigers, unicorns, etc. Is this a fashion trend, dressing up like a stuffed animal even tho it's not Halloween?