Inspired by @sarahmccoy @cvlop61
  1. Coping with rejection.
    Huge aspect of working in the freelance world.
  2. The unconscious.
    Is alive and well; wants to express itself, but the ego gets in the way.
  3. Projection, reaction formation, displacement, and other defense mechanisms.
    Tricksters; Band-Aids for anxiety and emotional pain. We let them go when we can meet our needs in other ways.
  4. Rice Krispy bars.
    The key to the perfect marshmallow treat= right combo of marshmallow to butter ratio. Colorful sprinkles also help.
  5. Abyssinian cats.
    Want a cat who acts like a dog? This breed is perfect.
  6. Designer clothing bargain shopping.
    I'm the ultimate retail detective. I've found brand new Marc Jacobs coats for $45, etc.
  7. Playing most pop music by ear.
    I'm an ok lounge lizard, find your key and get creative with chords.