I've worked on the same block for a year and a half, which is plenty of time to develop a crush on everyone. I will add to this as I develop more crushes.
  1. Alàn
    Alán is a nice skater with long hair that lives across the street from my job. He designs t-shirts and skateboards and is really, really nice and has a soft voice. He has a chug (chihuahua/pug mix) named Marvin.
  2. Problematic Bae
    Problematic Bae's real name is Jordan and I only like him because he whistled at me to get my attention once. All of my friends think he's rude.
  3. Terry
    Terry works at this venue called the Independent. He wears glasses and surfs and has a chipped front tooth. It would never work out because he's vegan and hates fireworks and I love eating meat and blowing stuff up. Last time I saw him I was double fisting a beer and a chicken sandwich and said "hi" to him with my mouth completely full.
  4. Bus Crush
    I used to see Bus Crush all the time when I was commuting on MUNI to school (hence the name bus crush) now I see him sporadically when he comes into my job to buy apples and/or ice cream. I still don't know his name.
  5. Jeremiah
    Jeremiah is a 38-year-old block monster/old skater with an elementary school aged daughter. We slept together twice and now he has been added to the long list of block crushes.
  6. Todd
    Todd came into my job every morning for like a week and bought pork ban-mih sandwiches. I haven't seen him in a while which makes me think his business on the block has concluded.
  7. Tim
    Tim has two kids and refers to his wife as his baby mama. @sophie and @mad_forbes and I went to his 49th birthday party at a weird ranch in Petaluma. He says he and his wife are separated but she was definitely at that party and they just went on vacation together. He also seems stressed all the time.