Because we live in a world where straight hair is considered cool and hot and I am extremely susceptible to what others think is cool and hot, I rocked straight hair for over two decades before I was like "fuck it I don't care anymore/paying someone to alter my hair from its natural state every 3 weeks is expensive."
  1. "Your hair looks nice."
    Antonio-the bouncer at the bar a few doors down from my job.
  2. "You look gorgeous!"
    This hot mom that shops at my job and hates cheese.
  3. Various whoops and applause and whistles from my coworkers.
  4. "It's slimming."
    @sophie always tells a girl exactly what she wants to hear
  5. "You look adorable."
    One of my bosses
  6. "I like your Afro."
    The security guard at deYoung
  7. This is what my hair used to look like
  8. This is what it looks like now