My late father would never let me watch MTV because he was afraid the Britneys and Christinas of the world would turn me into a rampant baby slut. He did however, allow me to watch FUSE, and thus began a lifelong affinity for emo, pop punk, and white boys.
  1. Brand New
    My introduction to Brand New was the video for Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades. They're still one of my favorite bands. I saw them last year for the first time and I was really excited but the show wasn't that good.
  2. Fall Out Boy
    I liked Fall Out Boy because I thought Patrick Stump had a very soulful voice. Take this to Your Grave is still one of my favorite albums, and I still fuck with a handful of songs on From Under the Cork Tree. I haven't listened to much/any new Fall Out Boy but I follow Pete Wentz on Instagram for nostalgic purposes.
  3. Saves the Day
    I don't think Saves the Day has a ton of music videos so I'm not sure how I stumbled across them. I saw them on Warped Tour twice and more recently a few years ago at an amazing show at Slim's.
  4. Modest Mouse
    I liked Modest Mouse in 7th grade and thought I was so cool when my friend Zach was DJing a "social" (what we called our dances) and he played Float On and I knew all the words. I got really obsessed with Modest Mouse in high school and they were all I listened to (I've been out of high school for 5 years and they're still my most played artist on My obsession with them was so great that my mom bought me tickets to see them for my 16th birthday.
  5. Built to Spill
    In high school I watched a documentary on Modest Mouse and Isaac Brock mentioned that he was heavily influenced by Built to Spill. So I started listening to Built to Spill.
  6. Pavement
    I lived in Stockton for a little while after my parents divorced and this dude I liked was really into Pavement because they were from Stockton, in turn I got really into Pavement. Even though I don't talk to said dude anymore they are still one of my favorite bands.
  7. Archers of Loaf
  8. Bayside
    I heard a Bayside song on a sampler CD that came in a Yellowcard DVD. I don't really care about them either way but I have seen them approximately 5 times and when clearing out my iTunes library all their albums got to stay.
  9. Dinosaur Jr.
  10. Broken Social Scene
    In 7th grade one of my internet friends played me 'Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl' and I always thought I was so cool and advanced for liking some obscure Canadian band in suburban middle school.
  11. Yellowcard