In middle school I discovered a website called Quizilla, where I was introduced to the world of FanFiction. I proceeded to endlessly read and write FanFiction on the website until my entrance into high school. I took it really seriously and wrote mostly about dudes in bands I listened to and fantasized about dating.
  1. Jesse Lacey
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  2. Tom DeLonge
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    Just the kind of dude a 13 year old should be fantasizing about.
  3. Bam Margera
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    I don't know
  4. Ryan Dunn
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  5. Raab Himself
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    I was watching a lot of Viva La Bam at the time
  6. Adam Lazzara
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  7. Patrick Stump
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    He struck me as being like, more sensitive than Pete Wentz. My favorite plot line included Pete Wentz being in love with the main female character but the female character loving Patrick.
  8. Andrew McMahon
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  9. Joel & Benji Madden
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