1. Bob
    I lost my virginity at 18, to Bob in a one night stand. I met Bob at a party and his friend and my friend conspired to get us together after they realized that we were both virgins. We never talked again and I only saw him twice after we had sex: once at a bar with his new girlfriend and again 2 years later at an art show in New York
  2. Brad
    I slept with Brad maybe a week after I slept with Bob. I kicked him out of my house afterwards even though busses weren't running and he said he had to walk home. Uber didn't exist then and I was new to one night stands and unaware that someone would want to stay over.
  3. Cameron
    Cameron was 27 and I lied and told him I was 21 even though I was like, 18. He was a gross semi-balding punk dude who was in a band and worked in the basement of the Academy of Sciences. He called having sex "banging" and that's when I knew I had to drop him.
  4. Casey
    I met Casey at a bar. He was 32 and I told him I was 22 even though I was definitely not. We did it a couple of times, I decided the second time would be the last time when he arrived at my house wearing a scarf.
  5. Dan
    I had an OkCupid for 2 months and went on some dates with this guy named Dan. After the 3rd date we did it. He was on molly and super sweaty and it was so gross. He had a huge red beard and always had on fresh Nikes, a pinky ring, and grandpa glasses. The next day he sent me a video of himself riding a lawn mower.
  6. Guy from Buckshot
    I don't remember this guy's name or anything else about him other than that he was from Davis
  7. Joe Huges
    I met Joe 2 years before we actually slept together. I spent those 2 years running into him at parties and putting the vibe that I was down out there. I texted all my friends about my accomplishment the morning after. Except for Natalye, whom I texted the night of while Joe was in the bathroom because I was in sheer disbelief.
  8. Scott
    All the girls (myself included) had a crush on Scott in 2010. I ran into him one night in the summer of 2014 and he suggested we hang out the next day. I was nervous so I got super drunk beforehand. I don't really remember anything about the sex but told all my friends anyway to make them jealous
  9. Virgil
    Virgil works across the street from me at a wine bar. He was chill except every time I went to his house he would make me listen to his music/look at his art for at least an hour before he even suggested that we make out. He also always wanted to 69 and wore pastel tighty-whiteys.