1. A dream date made of "Man-Doh"
    Sabrina couldn't find a date to the dance so her aunts made her a (pretty cute) dream date out of "Man-Doh". He was a good dancer and rode a motorcycle. Best part is he turned back into dough after 4 hours so Sabrina didn't have to deal with his annoying ass 5ever. How cool would it be if you could just do conjure up dream boys that expired after 4 hours?
  2. The Pleasure Dome
    Sabrina has a 3rd cool aunt named Vesta that lives in The Other Realm in a place called The Pleasure Dome. Sabrina went to The Pleasure Dome and indulged in fun activities such as: conga lines, watching her mortal friends' lives on TV, shopping, playing with puppies, and starring in her own rock music video. There's also a thing called the Hall of Gratuitous Praise.
  3. Truth Sprinkles
    Sprinkles you can put on food that make everyone truthful? Sign me up.
  4. Revenge potion
    Sabrina gets revenge on a super mean teacher via a potion. I wish I could get revenge on people via a potion.
  5. Harvey Kinkle
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    Harvey Kinkle should be every girl's dream boy. His hair is just long enough, he's a sensitive jock, and he is so sweet and is completely in love with Sabrina. For Valentine's Day he gave her a bracelet with the exact time they met engraved on it and asked her to 'go steady.' Boys like Harvey Kinkle don't exist and that is a huge bummer.
  6. Vacationing on Mars
    In one episode Sabrina and her aunts went on vacation to Mars where they stayed in a really cool ski lodge and Sabrina met a hot ski instructor that took her to a picnic in a crater.