weird dark secrets

some of my deepest weirdest and darkest secrets
  1. i faked all of my reflex hits at the doctors
    like when the doctor hits your knee and you're supposed to have a reflex i never did
  2. i hate the sprouse twins so much
  3. i find grown ups funny
    i think i do i haven't seen it in 3 years
  4. i scammed a person of a dollar because they didn't give me their address then deleted their account so i couldn't reach them
    i couldn't really help it
  5. i have seen both fifty shades movies and i'm not over 18
  6. i lie about my age a lot to make friends cause i act older than i am
  7. when i say i want to die it isn't a joke sometimes
  8. i have one arch nemesis and i'm fine with saying i want her to die after all the hell shes put me through
  9. i get angrier than i should when people disagree with me
  10. i had an emo/goth phase when i was 10
  11. i've had over 12 instagram accounts
  12. when i was 10 i almost killed myself because of the people i surrounded myself with
    it was a toxic group and i'm happy i got out of there. ill probably release the full story someday but it's a little weird to talk about still
  13. i have youtube videos of me up from when i was 6-8 reviewing dolls
  14. i've made so many mistakes in my early life that i couldn't be stronger now