A banger Peaky Blinders quote from each episode.
  1. "I think so that you don't have to."
    Tommy to Arthur (s1e1)
  2. "For a woman who's had a hard life with men, you're still full of romance."
    Tommy to Polly (s1e2)
  3. "You don't parlay when you're on the back foot."
    Tommy to Polly (s1e2)
  4. "Get yourself a decent haircut man. We're going to the races."
    Tommy to Arthur (s1e2)
  5. "Oh, I don't pay for suits. My suits are on the house, or the house burns down."
    Tommy to Grace (s1e3)
  6. "Lies travel faster than the truth."
    Tommy to Danny (s1e3)
  7. "Everyone's a whore, Grace, we just sell different parts of ourselves."
    Tommy to Grace (s1e3)
  8. "She looks good on the outside, but she has the clap."
    Tommy to Kimba (s1e3)
  9. "No catholic girl would enter a church and forget to make the sign of the cross."
    Tommy to Grace (s1e4)
  10. "Listen, I have already betrothed you. So if you back out now there's going to be one fucking mighty war breaking out here that's going to make the Somme- it's going to make the Somme look like a fucking tea party."
    Tommy to John (s1e4)
  11. "The family needed you ten years ago and you walked out on us. Not now. Get out of this house."
    Tommy to Arthur Sr (s1e5)
  12. "She's in the past, and the past is not my concern."
    Tommy to barman (s1e6)
  13. "To Danny Whizz-Bang, may we all die twice."
    Tommy at Danny's funeral (s1e6)
  14. "I learnt long ago to hate my enemies. But I've never loved one before."
    Tommy in his letter to Grace (s1e6)
  15. "You blew up my pub."
    Tommy to interrogators (s2e1)
  16. "I'm chosen. Can the chosen one smoke?"
    Tommy to interrogators (s2e1)
  17. "Tell em, we're on holiday."
    Tommy to London barman (s2e1)
  18. "I am a horse."
    Tommy to Charlie Strong (s2e2)
  19. "This is a respectful event. No weapons, no drinking... John."
    Tommy to John (s2e3)
  20. "Do you want to fuck me, Ms Carlton?"
    Tommy to Mae (s2e4)
  21. "My existence is questionable."
    Tommy to Mae (s2e4)
  22. "We had a fucking deal."
    Tommy to Campbell in a church (s2e5)
  23. "Don't sit here in your fucking church and lie to me."
    Tommy to Campbell (s2e5)
  24. "Shovelling shit Curly, just like you."
    Tommy to Curly (s2e5)
  25. "Today it'll be me dead, or you. But whoever it is, they'll wake up in hell tomorrow."
    Tommy to Campbell (s2e6)
  26. "All religion is a foolish answer to a foolish question."
    Tommy to Johnny Dogs (s3e3)
  27. "Did you do what was on the list?"
    Tommy to Ada (s3e3)
  28. "I don't want your mad fucking Russian brains all over me fuckin' walls."
    Tommy to the Duchess (s3e4)