1. An experiment/response to @witchdoctorc 's list: https://li.st/l/4aMm06t5CCk5VQgT1vSRB3
  2. Philosophical question: do intro/extroverts differ by gender in relation to the result of this quiz?
    Is this quiz a good test? Probably not, but it's fun.
  3. Assuming this test is targeted toward heterosexual women.
    Not trying to exclude lgbtq or gender fluid people out of descrimination, but for simplicity of this test.
  4. I started by reading her intro and scanned the a/b choices.
    I didn't read into her reasons for what the logical intro/extro choice is. This way, I wouldn't be influenced by her reasons.
  5. My choices were mostly gut instincts
    Some were toss ups because I probably had no idea who they were or made no difference to me either way. But even in that situation, I think my choice was still influenced.
  6. My heterosexual introvert choices:
  7. Justin Timberlake
  8. Chris Hemsworth
  9. Matt Bomer
    Toss up. I didn't really recognize these two. Wait, is one of them superman?
  10. Joe
  11. Benedict
  12. Idris
  13. Chris Pratt
    Mouse Rat rules!
  14. David Beckham
    Didn't like either of these.
  15. Jude Law
  16. Jake
  17. Zach
    Didn't know who the other guy was so I defaulted to Zach.
  18. Ryan
  19. Patrick
  20. Tom Hardy
    Meh, toss up.
  21. My result: Introvert
    I am indeed an introvert.
  22. Do with that what you will.