I needed to write this down.
  1. Who drinks on a Tuesday?
  2. This guy.
    My original plan was to go to the gym, but my coworker saw me earlier today and asked suddenly if I'd be down to go for drinks after work.
  3. And a solid group of 4
    We went to this place atop the stairs of the Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. We had a pitcher of Kentucky Mules to start. We went to another place too, but that's not what's important about this list.
  4. I'm pretty close with my coworkers and this allows for incredibly close conversations.
    Like idk how close coworkers get in other places...but for the most part no subject is off limits. Also, I'd like to mention that I'm usually the only guy in this close group.
  5. Someone brought up that they were late bloomers
    3/4 of the group confessed that they were late bloomers.
  6. I was the 4th person.
    I lost my virginity at 15. I am also the youngest person in this group.
  7. This led to a conversation of the types of people each of us attract. Hilarity ensued.
  8. It was my turn, and I shared that I to attract tall, white women.
    It's not a preference, but that just seems to be the pattern that has been laid ou. My theory is that opposites attract? Also, I have that Latin flavor. (I'm not that Latin tbh)
  9. This prompted one to ask me to describe what that entailed.
    I said that the tallest woman I have dated was 5'10" and the shortest was 5'6"
  10. I am 5'3" if you're wondering.
  11. My best friend once told me that I had the appearance of having no insecurities.
    At the time this was probably one of the best compliments I was ever given. Later I discovered that I had TONS of insecurities, but I was good at hiding them, even from myself.
  12. I've ALWAYS been insecure about my height
    I used to be teased because I was the smallest kid all the way up to high school. Somehow I always made friends with bigger people that assumed a protector role and no one ever fucked with me.
  13. Internally it's always on my mind, but I've also learned to live with it, accept it, and not let it control my relationships.
    I absolutely love when my significant other is comfortable enough to wear her heels. I want her to feel confident with her height and not feel self conscious on my account.
  14. Now that I'm single,
    It has been difficult to remain confident in myself.
  15. My coworkers said one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard 😭
    It was arresting to hear that they never ever even considered my height because they have always seen me as a larger than life person who's personality transcends physical limitations.
  16. How do I even.. what?
    I've never heard people ever describe me this way. I'm still trying to grasp it.
  17. It gives me hope.
    I know that I'm an amazing person and that I'm worthy of someone. It's easy to lose sight of this though. But this. This I can't describe yet how much this means to me.