Maybe writing down my options will help me decide what to do. Or maybe you lovely people have advice 😊
  1. I want to purchase a vacation home.
    In Lake Tahoe 🌅
  2. Why?
    I Fucking Love Lake Tahoe. It will be the family cabin. Where I can watch my nieces and nephews play in the snow and the lake, and hopefully grow up loving this place as much as I do. Maybe my own kids too someday. Maybe it will be where I retire, who knows?
  3. This:
  4. This:
  5. This:
  6. I'm targeting a home priced at around $250k - $300k
    With a mortgage at around $1200 - $1500 per month, depending on my down payment. Prices in the outskirts of Lake Tahoe are pretty chill and still more affordable than the SF Bay Area.
  7. I'd rent it out when I'm not there so it can pay for itself.
    Mortgage + extra that I would either use to supplement my own income, or reinvest into the house for upgrades and what not.
  8. I'm on track to having a sizable down payment within the next two - three years.
    but I have this dilemma coming up that might slow me down in my early savings.
  9. I have this leased car that I need to return or buy pretty soon.
    Giphy downsized medium
    I don't really want to purchase it.
  10. OPTIONS:
  11. Purchase current car
    Long term debt. It's a nice car and pretty new, but it's a 12k car. I'd have to finance it if I don't put a bunch of cash down + monthly payment.
  12. Pay cash for a cheaper car
    No debt/monthly payment. By cheaper, maybe like $4-6k. Which means I can contribute more into my savings. But that requires a large chunk of my savings that I'd have to build up again. Plus pay any repairs I may have to make on the car.
  13. Turn in lease and not have a car for a while
    I would have no debt, no monthly payemt, no insurance to pay... Could be about $500 more, straight to my savings per month. But I wouldn't have a car. I live in the burbs, so it's not that easy to give up but I can walk or bike to my train station to get to work.
  14. Basically, I don't want to slow down my savings when I have so much momentum right now and this could be an opportunity to put even more away for a bit.
  15. Kinda leaning towards no car.
    It's the "craziest" option and I've been on this new them in my life where I contradict what Jon would normally do.
  16. It could be liberating.
    But also highly inconvenient.