My flight is THIS FUCKING FRIDAY. Listed when I bought my ticket: I JUST BOOKED A FLIGHT TO ICELAND.
  1. Driving
    Around the Ring Road for 10 days. I love may be my favorite place to be alone and lose myself in thought, this also causes me to forget where I'm going. I hope that I will have grown a full beard at the end of the trip. (I won't. Most likely a shitty mustache.)
  2. Eating
    I don't know all the things I'm going to eat... I'll try some of the local dishes, but no weird shit like whale blubber or anything fish related. Puffin maybe?
  3. Get Perspective
    With few distractions but the beauty of the landscape, I'm hoping that I can reflect a lot while I'm there. This year I've been putting a lot of effort into trying to figure myself out and to be more conscious of the things I do, so I'm curious to learn what I find there.
  4. Photograph all the things
    Obviously. I don't have a good camera, so my iPhone will have to do for this trip.
  5. See a shitload of waterfalls
    I'll probably be sick of them by the time I get to the North Eastern part of the island. Some I'll drive up to and some I'll need to hike a bit to get to. I can't remember the name, but I really want to see the big one where the opening of Prometheus was filmed.
  6. Take my sweet fucking time
    I don't want to rush to get through x amount of activities every day. I came to chill and maybe I'll get to some things. I don't need to see EVERYTHING.
  7. Stay in Hostels and Guesthouses
    I've never done the hostel thing, so sleeping with strangers will be an adjustment.
  8. Glacier Watching
    Up close, from dry land. I didn't plan to climb the thing, but maybe I'll save that for next time.
  9. Geothermal hot springs
    I've planned for one in Myvatin, but it's not until day 4. I'm sure I'll spontaneously go throughout my trip. Maybe I'll do that while I wait to check into my first hostel on day 1.
  10. Northern Lights
    Maybe. I don't think I'll see them this early in the season but I'm hoping that it magically happens.
  11. Visit Thingvellir
    Where some of the Game of Thrones scenes were shot.
  12. Tattoo
    I'm thinking of getting one at the end of the trip in Reykjavik the night before I leave for the airport.
  13. Meet new people?
    This is literally the last thing on my mind. Maybe I'll feel different when I'm there, but for the most part I want to do things on my own.