Inspired by @torrami
  1. A financial advisor
    Can't be all Willy Nilly with this shit. I need myself a Ben Wyatt.
  2. Pay off my mother's debts and tell her she can now retire because she's going to be taken care of from now on.
    The woman is a single mother of 3. SHE DESERVES EVERYTHING IN THIS FUCKING WORLD.
  3. Then proceed to go on a giant family trip to wherever my mother wants to go.
  4. My family's mortgages.
    This includes my extended family. They work hard, they deserve a break to be happy.
  5. My college loans and my other debts.
    All 25k of it. I know, some of y'all have way more. I pour out some of my beer to you all.
  6. Finally buy my dream cabin in Lake Tahoe ❤️
  7. Donate to the ACLU
  8. Donate to
  9. I'm sure I could fill this list with tons of small items but these are the big ones.