This might be a series.
  1. I started this as a draft at first to motivate myself, be organized, and take command of my Monday.
    But it went a different direction.
  2. I actually woke up early, before my alarms today. Good start.
  3. I didn't spend like 30 mins in bed staring at my phone before getting out of bed.
  4. Showered and left the house earlier than usual. WINNING.
  5. Whoa, there's no traffic at this time frame.
  6. Whoa, there's plenty of parking at the train station.
  7. Alright, let's listen to some podcasts.
  8. Static
    More like 45.
  9. I dozed off, and I woke up one stop before getting off the train.
  10. I get out of my seat, prepare my tech trappings, and wait until arrival at my station.
  11. Still a little groggy from my nap.
  12. Static
  13. Static
  15. Wait, how do you forget something you need to function and work?
  16. How did you not notice? Your eyeballs literally need those to see.
  17. Story time!
  18. Let's unpack everything.
  19. It was a beautiful, sunny, bright Monday morning.
  20. My sensitive eyes require protection.
  21. I have one of those flippy storage bins in my car for glasses.
  22. I swap my glasses for the sunglasses I store in flippy storage bin.
    (Prescription sunglasses)
  23. Giphy
  24. I was distracted by a morning full of nice wins.
  25. No traffic, easy parking
  26. It felt like my life soundtrack in this moment was Hall & Oates' You Make My Dreams Come True
  27. I arrived at the station, parked, and clicked my heels as I booped my car.
    I didn't actually do this, but.. Stories.
  28. Never giving a thought about those glasses I left in the flippy bin.
  29. And that's where I began to doze off on the train and come to realize my morning tragedy.
  30. I went into work, ate breakfast, checked my calendar (no meetings) bid my desk mates a good morrow.
  31. Fast forward to now:
  32. I'm on the train back home, where I'll work from home for the rest of the day.
  33. So, it's not a complete disaster.
    I'm taking my pants off as soon as I get home.
  34. Getting my shit together. There's still hope for the rest of the day.
  35. Side note, this song is great for waking up:
    If you're not on Spotify Premium... Reconsider some of your decisions in life.