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  1. It was spontaneous.
    I usually analyze life choices to no end. Somehow tattoo just slipped past my ridiculous overthinking.
  2. Context: An all expenses paid trip.
    Lucky af. I'll never not appreciate this.
  3. It was like I was going on a 5 day vacation with a solid work crew.
  4. We landed and got in an Uber.
  5. Then it hits me: we can do ANYTHING we want.
  6. Turn down for hwhat? Let's get drunk! let's party! let's do all the drugs! let's get tattoos!
  7. I was joking... but not really.
    I was testing the waters here.
  8. One of my coworkers, let's call her Bon, turns to me with a serious face...
    "I want a tattoo" she says. This is from a fairly innocent lady who is ALWAYS surprising us. We can't underestimate her anymore after this trip.
  9. I had no intent of getting a tattoo going into this...
    But her severe intent was amazing and I couldn't NOT get one now.
  10. Do what I do, and just draw your own tattoos.
  11. I had like two days worth of drawing my idea out.
    We were at a conference, so while speakers spoke, I drew.
  12. Static
  13. Static
    Every summer, the thing I look forward to the most is being in the water and looking out into the distance.
  15. This is my happy place.
  16. Bon and I went from parlor to parlor to decide on our artists.
    We ended up in two different parlors on different days.
  17. Turns out mine was same day because I had done 90% of mine already by drawing it.
  18. I don't do spontaneous.
  19. Ever.
  20. I think it's becoming more of a theme for me.
  21. I mean, I just booked a ticket to Iceland later this year.
  22. Who knows... What if I come back with a tattoo from Iceland.
    Do they even have tattoo parlors there?
  23. Static
    It kinda moves with my forearm when it twists, which is cool.
  24. My coworkers thought that was Bon's forearm.
  25. I guess I have feminine forearms.