1. Physical attractiveness isn't everything. Obviously.
  2. But sometimes it is physical, for example: the fact that you have a weird nose. But it's YOUR nose. It's what makes you unique.
    Everyone has these endearing features about themselves. The longer I know you, the more it's beautiful.
  3. Or you have a little quirk that only you do
    A personal example: when I say the word "cute", It's pronounced "coot" because that's how I read it in my head.
  4. It's not always about romantic attraction. It's about noticing what makes EVERYONE beautiful.
  5. More and more of your personality comes out when you spend time with someone.
    I spend the most time with my coworkers. And they are beautiful.
  6. You could think of yourself as average looking (you shouldn't)
    For people in your life that aren't assholes, it's all of you that's noticed. Not just one dimension of your being.
  7. It's also the way you carry yourself.
  8. The way you treat other people.
  9. Anything you'd like to add to this??
  10. I think over time, your outside matches your inside. We've all seen old people who have a permanent scowl etched on their face. We've also seen older people who have a twinkle in their eyes and rosy cheeks.
    Maybe there's a little truth to "keep making that face and it'll freeze that way?" 😉
    Suggested by @jhope71