1. I had a one night stand with a married woman.
  2. I don't even know how to explain that.
  3. She's married to a woman and I didn't see any of this coming.
  4. Could have guessed — it usually starts with drinks.
  5. Later in the night, she whispers that she has a secret.
  6. I finally notice the look she's giving me...and in retrospect, should have noticed throughout the night.
  7. Somehow I'm in a bar bathroom with her.
  8. I like to think I usually have more control of myself even when drunk.
  9. I don't know, I've never been pursued this aggressively by someone I just met.
  10. It felt good to be wanted.
  11. We go back to the bar and rejoin other people we were out with.
  12. I order myself a ride back home and she tells me she wants to come with me.
    So, she does.
  13. In the morning I asked her what I walked into. I stupidly assumed she was in an open relationship.
  14. She said none of it was my fault and that she made a mistake, but I can't help but feel guilty about it. I made a bad decision too.
  15. I hate that I've ruined a friendship with her and her wife. I actually wanted to be friends with them.
  16. Having a secret kills me.
  17. This is probably the worst thing I've done, honestly.
  18. This happened last week and I've been keeping it in my drafts since.