A series of thoughts as I reflect what I've done up until this point.
  1. I'm excited
    Who knows what the fuck is in store this year.
  2. I'm a better person than I was last year.
  3. I understand myself a lot better than I ever did.
    I actually know who I am... For the most part.
  4. I know what I want for once.
    Even though I'm still unsure about some aspects of my life. Isn't that normal?
  5. I'm killin' it at work.
    Fuck, does it feel good.
  6. Especially when you're the youngest and everyone reminds you...constantly.
    Except the good coworkers. You people are cool.
  7. I've been actively pushing myself to have more process, include people early on, give presentations, shit on Debra's desk, promote synergy...
    Basically, I put a lot of actions in place to help me remember things better and track progress on allll my projects while being transparent with the rest of the team. Office crap.
  8. I have a soft belly.
    Perfect for cuddling, ladies 😎
  9. There's this new thing I'm trying... It's called spontaneity.
    I used to overthink decisions. So far I've gotten a new tattoo on a whim, a little convertible roadster, and I bought a ticket to Iceland within the last two months. This is the beginning of a spiral. I'll be dead in a few months.
  10. I'm single AF.
    Honestly, this is probably the best thing to be right now...coming from a serial long-term relationship haver.
  11. I'm now an uncle. Officially.
    I tell myself I'm gonna tough-love her...but I'm actually going to spoil the shit out of this child.
  12. I'm still an idiot.
    Sorry fellow humans.