Requested IRL by @michellejennifer
  1. Invisibility
    Because introvert. On/off function.
  2. Nails never grow
    This is more of a convenient power, rather than super.
  3. Never have acne
    Same as above.
  4. Never be too full from beer
    I LOVE drinking games.
  5. Learn by osmosis
    Lay on a bench and learn its history
  6. A normal memory
    Because I have a terrible one.
  7. Sham wow hands for when you spill drinks
    Suggested by @kate81
  8. Ability to eat all the sugar to my hearts content
    And not suffer from the diabetes or any other effects
  9. Edit: the ability to be cool or warm on demand
    No more sweating. No more having to make clothing decisions based on impossibly unpredictable city microclimates.