A shitty guide for @michellejennifer. I'm live listing(?) whilst offline, and then pasting over from my notes app when wifi is available.
  1. I'm at this little cafe writing this in my notes app because I'm nowhere near wifi. I've been awake since 7am Friday.
    I have time traveled to Saturday. It's 7:54 am and I can't check into my hostel yet. I couldn't sleep on the plane so, idk if I'll get any sleep after this cup of coffee I'm enjoying. My eye is twitching as I'm typing this lol.
  2. So far I've driven my rental car from the airport to Reykjavik.
    Definitely get the car gps! Street signs are unpronounceable but the gps is pretty accurate and getting to my hostel was pretty easy. Beware of roundabouts. I've been going the speed limit for the most part, but on the stretch from the airport there were cars passing me and driving at a cool 100km/hr, 90km is the speed limit. Like how serious are their cops? Idk, I don't want to risk that shit.
  3. You know when you shake your head at idiot drivers and you're like, "must be a tourist"
    I feel like that's been thought about me multiple times already lol.
  4. I'm beginning to think that ham and cheese only sandwiches are a main staple.
  5. When I went up to the counter at this cafe, the girl was pretty straightforward and seemed annoyed that I wasn't ready.
    It's okay, I'll win her over with my boyish good looks and winning personality.
  6. I've heard from others that Icelanders can be pretty direct and not immediately friendly.
    I did get a few smiles at the airport and the hostel, so maybe it depends.
  7. It's kind of difficult to find places that are open, at least at this hour and I can't really open Yelp and search for what I'm looking for.
  8. I found this little cafe with the car gps, which is a little archaic.
    If you're on an android device I think you can get an Icelandic pay as you go SIM card (at the airport) so you can have Internet. Also, I think the car rental places have a wifi hotspot option available. I opted out of this because the rental was already pretty pricey and because I want to disconnect a little.
  9. I hope that I come across as one of the cool tourists, because who doesn't want to be cool in multiple countries?
    I'm casual af with my Brixton hat, "visit Mordor" graphic tee and my high top Vans. Everyone else has like, mountain gear and expedition backpacks just for exploring the city.
  10. Google Maps has the offline maps feature, I'm using the shit out of that right now as I walk through Reykjavik.
    Who wants to walk around with a car gps? Nobody.
  11. It's actually not that cold here right now. It's like 60 degrees. Hot if you're walking around for a while.
  12. I've been walking around exploring the city, checking out some of the tourist sights, spotting sweet murals and getting myself familiar with the culture.
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  17. Update: it's 12:32pm. I'm waiting for food to come out, went with Thai because it's cheaper and I don't really want to splurge a lot my first day.
    My eyes are getting heavy, so I think my body is ready to knock the fuck out.
  18. Update: it's 4ish. I finally checked into my hostel, showered, and have wifi.
    I want to sleep, but I'm afraid that if I do, I'll wake up at like 1am and then not be able to sleep again. I'm delirious though.
  19. I'm not sure I'll keep this up. But I'll try my best!
  20. Update: I went to sleep around 5pm. And now I'm awake at 10pm. Idk if I can go back to sleep.