This might be the happiest I've ever been.
  1. I can't stop smiling and I keep tearing up because I still can't believe I'm doing this.
  2. Static
  3. My dope ass whip
  4. Static
  5. Static
  6. The day started off cloudy and wet.
    #moist. So, for the most part everything from Reykjavik to Hella is open road so you can blast through this until you start getting closer to the mountains. The open road is still beautiful, but the best is to come.
  7. Static
  8. Have a gas station Hot Dog.
  9. My car rental came with this discount card. GET ONE.
    You get free coffee, wifi, and discounted gas. I haven't had to get gas yet, but it looks like it's a process with this card.
  10. I forget what this one is called, but it's the first stop on this leg of the trip.
    There are 2 main waterfalls here. You can go behind this one... I chose not to because I don't have water proof pants. However, go to the next one. It's a short walk on a trail and you can walk into this little cove where the base of the waterfall, well, falls.
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. From here it's about a 15 min drive to Skogafoss.
    If you can't see the first one, you MUST see this one.
  15. There's the base. You can walk up to its and get wet. I did this for a little bit.
  16. Since I'm flying solo, I usually offer couples to take their photo (I'm pretty fucking good at this.) and they offer to take one of me in return.
  17. As you walk to the fall, you'll notice that there's a trail that leads to the top of the fall.
    FUCKING GO UP THERE. I almost skipped this and decided last minute YOLO.
  18. It's so fucking beautiful.
  19. Static
  20. Static
  21. As I'm typing this, I'm having a delicious beer looking at fore mentioned waterfall. It's a hike, so a man gets thirsty. (Bring hiking shoes)
  22. After this I headed towards my next stop, Black Beach.
    Unfortunately, I didn't navigate to where I could actually stand on the sand itself. I stood on a cliff overlooking the beach. I saw Puffins!
  23. I left quickly though because I had to pee really bad.
    Iceland is pretty big on preserving their environment and they frown upon going off the beaten, roped off path to preserve the fauna. I didn't want to just pee on the side of the road, so I started going to where I'm staying for the night.
  24. This is the view from my room
    I already like Guesthouses way more than hostels. You get your own room and the bathrooms are shared. And some of them provide breakfast!
  25. I'm hungry so I need to find a dinner spot.