First of all... Thank you for relisting! I wasn't expecting all of you to dig these lists. I even considered not even posting day 3 because I'm also doing video posts through Facebook. Again, thank you for the likes and realists! I'm just surprised y'all even read them.
  1. Listing this stuff will ensure I remember though. Like it says in my bio, this is my mind palace. Not to say I won't forget the things I've seen here so far...
    But I want to make sure I remember the little details for years to come.
  2. Today, I started a bit late because I wanted to sleep in and enjoy free breakfast at my hotel.
  3. Today was another foggy day, but it was not without beauty.
  4. I traversed the Eastern Fjords
    They are massive. I have trouble even describing the immensity of the things I'm seeing. Today I only saw 1/8 of their size because the fog covered everything but their bases.
  5. I feel insignificant as I navigate through all these terrains.
  6. The fjords are right against the ocean here with only a small windy road and a metal barrier to keep me from dying.
    I don't know what lies ahead and the unknown scares me. I mean, doing this trip was anti my character that this photo kind of represents where I am, the unknown, and then going for it anyway.
  7. I found a beach that just illustrated how Iceland is as beautiful as it is harsh.
  8. Static
  9. I kept going towards the midpoint in my trip.. an adorable harbor with cool little structures.
  10. Static
  11. I found an unexpected waterfall!
    It's as if the Viking gods are shining a light on the steps to Valhalla
  12. I hiked a bit to get above it and got a sweet shot of its length
  13. And the main waterfall.
  14. From here, I got back on the main road...
    But it didn't last. It became a dirt and gravel road.
  15. I had a bit of a scare on day 3, involving a gravel road.
    This was my nightmare for the next 40 mins. I was at my GPS's mercy.
  16. And it went up into the mountains.
    Foggy, no visibility, remote, and I was concerned my little 2 wheel drive couldn't hack it. The climb was steep so I was crawling up in 2nd and even 1st gear in some areas.
  17. It was beautiful in that mountain but it also scared the shit out of me.
    Any one of these divets could pop my tire or I could get stuck not being able to climb a hill.
  18. It took a while, and a lot of fog but I eventually made it out unscathed.
  19. Turns out my gps took me in a direction I was not intending. Fastest route my ass. Instead of keeping me on the nice, paved road it took me on a fucking journey.
    I guess it wouldn't be an adventure without these stories.
  20. I wish you people could watch my video posts because I often record them right after an event. I write these lists at the end of the day when I've reached my final destination.
  21. As soon as I get out of that heart attack I'm greeted with serene sunlight and flowing streams.
    I forgive you Iceland.
  22. Then everything from my left and right are like, pine trees.
    Again, it still surprises me how much the terrain changes. Bad photo.. But at this point I was on a Mish to get to my Guest House.
  23. Which has the most epic fucking view.
  24. Static
  25. And my room view is not bad at all.
  26. I walked 15min to another Guest House/Bar to get a beer.
    Let me tell you how difficult it is to get a beer out here. It's also where I'm writing to you from.