This one is a day late because reasons.
  1. Static
  2. The main focus of this leg is Myvatn.
    This is the geothermal region in between the two end points, but closer the Akureyri.
  3. One thing I'm learning is that the driving takes up way more of my time than I thought.
    A friend said to me 10 days is not enough. You need like 2 weeks to enjoy everything.
  4. She's right. I thought I would be able to visit 2 or 3 attractions per day, but its more like 1, eat lunch, and then start driving to your guest house for the night.
    I haven't been able to explore the villages I'm staying in because I'm dead tired or the attractions I'm shooting for are far away, so I leave town early.
  5. Myvatn has geothermal geysers you could walk up to, a beautiful lake, nature baths, and a little cave with an underground hot spring where Jon Snow gets deflowered in GOT.
  6. The first thin I shot for was Dettifoss.
    I almost didn't see this thing because I once again found myself in a sketchy dirt/gravel road for like 30 painful slow minutes.
  7. I'm really fuckin happy I got to see it.
    There were a bunch of ladies up there with their lady friends taking turns taking Tinder pics of each other. It was really obvious.
  8. I almost turned back because my GPS said "navigate off road" and then my heart sank.
    I had to stop, park, and consider my next move. I had already invested so much time it was hard to even think of going back through the dirt again. I was already there...I just had to grow a pair.
  9. Unfortunately I didn't get to see all the things.
    Spent way too long trying to get to and from Dettifoss that I ended up cutting a lot from my day and skipped tol the nature baths.
  10. Because id been lookin forward to a hot spring exp for 5 days.
    It was wonderful. I felt super dirty after the dirt excursion and I needed to chill the fuck out after having panic attacks over whether I'd get stuck again.
  11. Yeah yeah, but where the FUCK are the pics?!
  12. I took my phone with me in my water proof case so that I could take selfies. Duh.
    Turns out, my case was not 100% on this day. I've taking this thing into Lake Tahoe water on multiple occasions and it fails me now. I did not dunk it or let it fall into the nature bath, but condensation seeped into the case somehow. This did not happen until 30-40 mins into my relaxation time at least.
  13. So do you do when you've lost a piece of your main navigational equipment? In a foreign country. On an island.
    I dont back up to icloud because I aint paying for extra space a year. I usually back up photos to Google photos ... But I haven't been Auto syncing during this trip.
  15. I got the fuck out, hated myself internally.
  16. Remained calm.
  17. We can deal with this Jon.
    You just need to figure out where you can get it fixed/replaced.
  18. It's actually pretty difficult to find specific things in Iceland.
    Google wasn't of much help either, but the nice Lady at the tourist info directed me to a mall in the city where they sold phones. Which happened to be where I was staying for the night.
  19. Best case scenario, water damage is not that bad and can be fixed in a jiffy.
    My phone was not turning on or charging BTW.
  20. Worst case, buy a cheap phone that connects to WiFi so I can communicate with my family and navigate for the remainder of the trip.
    I didn't bring a laptop because "I'm traveling light"
  21. Giphy
  22. I smashed to Akureyri
    I got there 30mins too late, so I had to wait until this morning to figure my shit out.
  23. So I checked into my hostel to drop my shit off.
    I was still upset and didn't want to sleep so I explored the city a bit.
  24. Found a cool bar at a hostel in the downtown area which was a 2 min walk from the hostel.
  25. Felt weird because I had lost an extension of myself and couldn't distract myself.
  26. I got myself a Guinness and looked for a seat in this packed place.
    Found one off to the side of the room away from all the noise from the larger groups. I sat next to this group of girls.
  27. I eavesdropped.
    They had American accents, so I asked "hey, are you American?" And from there it was pretty easy to relate and then we talked about our trip, turns out they were going the same direction and stayed in the same places.
  28. I hadn't met many Americans in my travels and other people/couples kept to themselves.
    I usually engaged first, but not a whole lot of luck.
  29. I feel like losing my phone really forced me to find some sort of entertainment for the night.
    I think I still would have sparked a conversation with them, but I wouldn't have been there under the same circumstances.
  30. So I end up hitting it off with them for a while with a few rounds of beers
    I eventually leave them, but before I go one of them gives me her digits so we can meet up again in the next days.
  31. If I get a phone that is... But chances are we'll run into each other again.
    We're staying in the same village the next night and we're spending the weekend in Reykjavik.
  32. Getting a phone the next day was a fucking mission.
    Stay tuned...