This is also a late list because I spent all last night listing about the day before.
  1. Static
  2. You should plan to stay in Akureyri for at least two days.
    Its beautiful and the downtown area is buzzing with people and there's a bunch of cool cafes and shops. Also, there's a neat music scene here.
  3. So day 6 was a mission to get my phone shit figured out.
    My plan for the morning was to go to that mall and see if there are any places I could get my phone fixed or buy a new one.
  4. There was an Apple specific store, which I was surprised to find.
    Unfortunately they couldn't fix my phone there.
  5. But the man printed me a map à la mapquest circa early 2000s
    Pointing me to a building and tells me to ask for a guy named Elli. It was close by so I nodded and said thank you.
  6. I also bought a belt while I was there.
    I've been looking for a belt since I first arrived on the island. I forgot mine at home. Its really difficult to find a belt in Iceland, so don't forget yours.
  7. So I find the place with the guy named Elli.
    From the outside you can't really tell what it is. For all the great design I've seen in Iceland, there's room to improve. I piece together that it's an electronics repair shop.
  8. I ask him if he can do anything, he doubts it but agrees to take a look and tells me to come back at 1.
    I'm very hopeful. I just want the data on the phone. Fuck the rest.
  9. So I have time to kill, so I hang out downtown, do some light shopping, found a laundromat to take care of clothes
  10. While I waited for my clothes, I hung out at this really cool hostel, which has a restaurant and bar
    (Internet photo)
  11. I had coffee, lunch, and I brought my sketchpad to workout some concepts in my head by doodling.
    This felt nice, I wish I didn't have to rush off to the next place.
  12. I get my laundry and return to Elli
    He says that there were puddles of water inside the phone, but he was able to dry it completely AND get it to work!
  13. But the display is kaput and he had to plug it into a different display to see if it still worked.
    So while I'm here I can't use it, and I'll have to replace the display when I get back to the US.
  14. I still need to communicate to the outside world for other than writing lists and posting fire instas.
    Sorry @michellejennifer I don't think I'll be posting to insta anymore :(
  15. So I go back to the mall and buy a cheap phone with WiFi.
    I know own a Vodaphone that works pretty much at least there's that.
  16. I have to stay and set up the phone, struggling to install all the necessary apps and email accounts where all my itinerary lives.
    By this time I've spent most of the day in the city trying to figure my shit out.
  17. I leave the city by 5pm.
    At this point I have to smash all the way to the next town, Hvammstangi (internet photo). I didn't witness it with full sunlight, there was heavy fog when I arrived.
  18. On the way there, I tried taking photos with the new phone, but the quality just isn't as good.
    This camera doesn't adjust to lighting immediately and I have to adjust every time I take a photo, otherwise it comes out super dark.
  19. Unadjusted
  20. Adjusted
  21. I don't know how to end this list.
    Writing about these things a day later makes it more difficult.
  22. Giphy