1. Dearest reader,
    I'm beginning to feel the fatigue from the road. Well, I think it actually started like two days ago when I had to start cutting things out to drive to my accommodations for the night.
  2. I have not felt homesickness yet.
    Which is a surprise. I am ready for the two nights back in Reykjavik. It will be nice not having to drive so much.
  3. I should have picked other places to stay more than one night.
    Now I know which places to stay in longer.
  4. Many mistakes were made.
  5. Since losing my phone, I lost my road entertainment for offline listening.
    I've spent too much time at gas stations waiting for this new phone to download podcasts and music for consumption. I think I'm fucked for the plane ride back. This phone only holds 4gb. I think it accepts an SD card, but still.
  6. Today was a bit more fun than yesterday's phone shuffle.
    I saw a hot spring and a small waterfall which required some hiking.
  7. Static
    This hot spring generates 67 megawatts.
  8. Static
    I kept seeing this lady in all the little trails picking blue berries. I think I startled her once. I don't want to be responsible for inducing a heart attack. At least she'd die in Iceland.
  9. Static
    DD YO is the shit.
  10. I really like feeling the cold on my cheeks and wearing a beanie again.
    I was tired of East Bay summer back home.
  11. This region was not full of stuff to see... at least not in close clusters.
  12. Lots of driving needed to happen to see more.
    There was a museum for witchcraft...but it was really far away and I think I would be creeped out.
  13. I used Icelandic Krona for the first time today.
    Why did I not take a picture of the money?! I've been using credit/debit. My credit card kept getting declined for days lol. I didn't know why. And then I checked and I just hadn't paid my bill yet lol.
  14. Sulfur in the hot water...is really not bad at all. Its funky the first time, but then you just move on and it becomes normal. It's really not that strong of a smell.
    Also the tap water tastes so fresh. You REALLY don't need to buy bottled water.
  15. The guest house I'm staying in tonight used to be an old post house.
  16. Tomorrow, I head back toward Reykjavik.
    The main attraction is Thingvellir, a national park where some of the GOT scenes were shot.
  17. Static