I'm at the end of my trip. I'm spending two nights in Reykjavik and flying out Monday at noon.
  1. Static
  2. Static
    DD YO looking dope.
  3. My iPhone miraculously works.
    I discovered this when I took it out to inspect it. I was considering taking it to a smartphone repair shop I saw on the way into the city. I pressed a button and it actually displayed the "needs charge battery"! So I plug it in and wait for it to boot. The display has a dark spot in the top right and the finger print sensor doesn't work anymore. While I was browsing for a bit the display turned off, so maybe it can only take short stints.
  4. Ok, moving on... Today's first adventure was a 6 mile hike into the wilderness.
    This, as most of my adventures was totally spontaneous. I discovered that it existed the night before.
  5. Glymor is the second highest waterfall in Iceland.
    I keep saying that I almost didn't do something and decided last minute, "ah fuck it". I almost didn't do it because I thought it might take me forever and I wouldn't get to do other activities.
  6. I got mean mugged by sheep.
    They had horns. I kept my distance.
  7. I met a couple from Brooklyn on this hike. I sparked a conversation and we ended up hiking together.
    They were just beginning on their adventure and they were curious about my adventures. They were lovely.
  8. I went into this hike unprepared. All I had was oatmeal for breakfast and forgot to go grocery shopping for the next couple of days.
    I figured I would lose all my energy too quickly. I only had a third of water left too. Poorly planned.
  9. I wish I had discovered my phone worked earlier so I could take better photos. But it was all breathtaking. These snaps really don't do it justice.
    My goal was to get close enough that I could see the waterfall and then turn back.
  10. Even my iPhone photos don't do Iceland justice!
    You people NEED to see it for yourselves. I'm limited in the way I can capture these moments because beyond the photo, I have all these feelings and things that are happening to me.
  11. I keep getting asked by people "why Iceland"
    I keep thinking... Why haven't you gone to Iceland yet. FUCK YOUR NEXT VACATION, GO TO ICELAND.
  12. I start hiking back out and cross paths with so many people.
    I got there early so I missed the crowds. This keeps happening somehow haha. I'm a fast walker so this might have gotten on my nerves. I still can't slow down. Even on vacation. City people will know this feeling.
  13. Next stop: Thingvellir
    National park and where Game of Thrones scenes of the Eyrie were shot (the Hound and Arya walk to the Bloody Gate, as well as Sansa and Little Finger)
  14. Static
  15. Static
  16. Lots of tourists here so I couldn't get super clean shots. Also I hate the camera on the new phone. As a perfectionist, it hurts to look at photos it produces.
    I can't work like this!
  17. From here, I was 30 mins away from Reykjavik so I started to head toward my hostel.
    Back to the one I started the trip in. Except, this time I booked a pod instead of a bunk bed. More privacy and it feels really cool inside.
  18. Static
  19. This is when I discovered my iPhone still had life.
    I'm so fucking happy 😭 I missed you baby.
  20. Static
  21. I showered and took a long nap...because hiking.
  22. I haven't checked out the nightlife in the city, so after my nap I made plans to get ready and head out and check out the bars.
    Some of the downtown bars felt crowded and roudy, so I opted for a quieter vibe first.
  23. I found Rok, which actually had a bar to sit at.
    Not much of that here. Two Norwegian gentlemen started a conversation with me. We talked stereotypes, culture, politics, and economics. We all had monocles and smoking pipes whilst drinking our beers. It was quite droll.
  24. But seriously, at first they thought I was Icelandic 🤔
    I think he was trying to speak to me in Icelandic. I tell him I don't understand what he's trying to say to me and he asks if I'm from here. I'm quite surprised and I look at the bartender and tell her what just happened. I of course think this is ridiculous, but the bartender who is Icelandic said I look like one of them. Hmm.
  25. I must be the tannest and shortest Icelander.
    Totally Icelandic.
  26. That place was about to close, so I thanked the two gentlemen and I moved on to find another place.
  27. There was quite a bit of nightlife downtown, but as I walked by, none of them felt like my speed... At least maybe I wasn't drunk enough for that. A lot of the places were PACKED.
    I am tired from this mornings 6mile hike. I wish my best friend David were here... We'd have cigars and people watch together.