I slept in until 11pm. It was glorious. After driving everyday and waking up early, this was necessary.
  1. Static
    The morning view from my hostel.
  2. I showered and then set out to have breakfast!
    I went to this place called Te&Kaffi. I ordered a bagel and cream cheese + coffee. It was fucking lovely because this place is designed so well. I didn't take pictures. Sorry.
  3. After that I walked downtown and shopped for a bit. You know, souvenirs and such for the folks back home.
    I walked around A LOT and visited adorable shops and the like.
  4. I wanted to purchase new plugs for my ears, but no tattoo/piercing shop is open on Sundays.
    A lovely Icelander tried to help me locate one that carried what I wanted, but to no avail.
  5. Static
  6. Static
    Lebowski Bar
  7. Static
    I love that local businesses here employ graffiti as part of their brand.
  8. Static
    This is on the wall of a Gentleman's suit shop.
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Static
    Probably the best bathroom wallpaper.
  14. I walked around and found a spot that had tacos.
    I was pretty curious to try an Icelandic taco. It was positioned as Mexican. I knew it wouldn't fast authentic... I was more curious about how it would taste here, given the limited resources.
  15. The place I was eyeing wasn't open Sundays... I walked up to the place, tried the doors and it was locked. There was an outdoor area with benches and there were two people there. They said "it's closed".
    So I had to stop and figure out if I should start walking back to my hostel (15 min walk) or stay downtown and find another place to eat.
  16. The two people in that patio invited me to join them.
    They were Icelandic locals.
  17. They offered me a beer, which I did not refuse.
    Their names are Ellias & Isolde. We start chatting quite a bit and other local Icelanders come and go. This might be a usual hangout for them. They were super friendly and I was really surprised they wanted to hangout with a tourist.
  18. It suddenly became a spontaneous picnic with random candy, blueberries, and bread.
  19. There was an American!
    Except he wasn't. He had a southern accent because he had spent like 20 years in Oklahoma but was DEPORTED. Turns out both his parents are Icelandic and they moved to the US when he was very young and he was targeted by a discriminatory law against immigrants... Even though the man is white and has a southern accent. He wasn't a US citizen.
  20. Two more Icelanders joined us and they also thought I looked like an Icelander.
    Maybe I won't come back. I already look the part.
  21. One of them had a vape, was trying it out. Maybe they are new out here.. But in California you see them EVERYWHERE.
    He offered me some and I did not refuse. I'm not super into those so I had one puff and moved on.
  22. Turns out Ellias is a weed dealer.
    Hence all the frequent visitors as we shoot the shit.
  23. He and another start rolling blunts and invite me to join them.
    I do not refuse. I'm just still shocked at the generosity of these Icelanders because in my travels most were distant and straight to the point.
  24. This is like 4-5pm, and I had no idea I would be drunk, high, and mingling with locals.
    After a while, I thank them, shake hands and move on.
  25. I start walking back to the bar from yesterday called Rok.
    I meet another fellow American who's just begun his trip. I give him tips and I also flirt a bit with the bartender from last night. #multitask
  26. I had a local wheat beer and a stout. SO GOOD.
    I'm still feeling all of this and I'm back at the hostel now. I paid and started walking back to the hostel. Not before stopping for a slice of pizza.
  27. My flight back is tomorrow at 3.
    I'm gonna hang downtown until it's time to go.