A lot of these are associated with each other, but maybe I can describe the difference in each.
  1. Patient
    I'm patient to the point that I don't complain about things when one should. As a consequence I put up with more than anyone should ever have to. On the positive side, I don't crack at the slightest thing.
  2. Objective
    It takes me a lot of effort to be on one side of something or someone because I'm empathetic to the contrary side all the time. I wouldn't be a great debater. I could lie and say that I'm on your side but in my heart I'm not 100%. I'm not exactly sure what the positive of this is.
  3. Passive
    This one affects a lot of my life. I let things go easily and I don't give them the proper amount of consideration. This also means that I keep my temper under control in all situations, but I don't draw a line in the sand.
  4. Aloof
    I'm not sure this one is a strength, but it goes along with Passive. My face doesn't always show my feelings, so I seem detached and indifferent. Inside I'm processing and looking for the right words. This takes me a while. This also means that I don't freak out in difficult situations and it allows me to take control and solve a problem.
  5. Unassuming
    I never make a move on a crush because I don't really notice the tall tale signs of attraction and even if I do, I think you're just a lovely person. I have a lot of lady friends. On the off chance that I do notice stuff, I read into it too much and it ends up being nothing.