Inspired by @witchdoctorc
  1. I'm neat and quite hygienic.
  2. I don't have to be around you all the time.
    Hell, I need my me time too.
  3. I have approximate knowledge of many things
    History nerd, I follow politics closely, random talent of figuring out what a word means based on Latin roots. Tech savvy.
  4. I run hot
    Perfect for cuddling.
  5. Introvert that turns up the extrovert.
    Turn down for what?
  6. Not concerned about my masculinity.
  7. I have an amazing relationship with my mom.
    I'm her favorite son, obviously.
  8. I'm nerd-ish 🤓
    I love fantasy and sci-fi stuff. LOTR, GoT, Star Wars, the Hobbit, Sherlock... I'll play fantasy adventure games with you or first person shooters.
  9. I can teach you how to play poker.
    You'll make like a bandit and we're splitting the winnings.
  10. Your parents will love me.
    because I'm a fucking delight.
  11. I like to drive. I'll drive us everywhere.
  12. Babies love me!
  13. I rest my case.