Thanks to all of your support in my last list RETINOBLASTOMA, hopefully bringing more awareness to this type of cancer and how to identify it. Here's an update.
  1. My previous list was written with a broken heart, fear, and disbelief.
    I've been MIA from @list for a while now trying to refocus and be okay. I think I've achieved normalcy after a few weeks of collecting my thoughts and distracting myself with work and exercise.
  2. We know more about Landon's condition now and he's undergone a few surgeries already and has begun his chemo therapy.
  3. We were hoping that the cancer was just in his right eye and hadn't spread anywhere else. The plan would have been to take the eye and not have to do chemo.
    He went through an MRI and has a smaller growth in his left eye too but hasn't spread beyond that.
  4. His cancer is hereditary which somehow makes it more aggressive and was already beginning to grow as an infant.
    Underlining that if you want children, maybe getting one of those 23andme tests is a good idea.
  5. He's being treated at UCSF in San Francisco with a whole team of doctors there and another team in Antioch, where they live.
  6. So far he's gotten a port surgically installed in his chest to administer treatment and there are plans for another being installed near the groin.
  7. There's a Facebook page detailing his ongoing status:
    Like if you'd like to stay up to date and get to know a bit more about his family with photos and videos. I've tried to explain some, but this page is way more detailed.
  8. We've started a gofundme me campaign
    to support the family for medical, travel, and some living costs while his mother leaves her job to take care of him full time. His father is also working full time as well as taking care of Landon's 5 year old brother. Any donation you can afford helps!
  9. Any support you can provide would be incredible. ❤️✊🏼
  10. Also, fuck cancer.
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