I never remember my dreams so this only happens once every 3-4 months. Sometimes they're nonsense with no linear narrative and sometimes I forget it as soon as I wake up. This one was weird and memorable!
  1. I dreamt that I got caught in some crossfire and I was shot.
  2. But somehow managed to take down the dick that shot me, we struggled for a bit and I punched him until he was out.
  3. Dream Jon is badass apparently.
  4. A police officer eventually came by and helped me.
  5. I was shot 3 times.
    Twice in the arm and the officer said I got shot in the cheek right under the eye.
  6. I freaked out but it didn't really change the pace of the dream. Then I thought I was the luckiest person because I was still conscious.
    Even with a hole on my face.
  7. It starts to get weird.
  8. I don't know where I was but I get airlifted to Oakland. Closest hospital? Idk.
  9. But I'm not strapped into a bed and there aren't any paramedics.
  10. I'm just sitting regularly waiting to get to the hospital like I'm on some normal public transit.
  11. I'm texting my mom I've been shot and that I'm going to the hospital. The phone only accepted 5 digits at a time for some reason. But why wasn't I calling my mother?!
    Dreams 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. So when you think "airlifted to" you think of a helicopter
  13. It felt like I was in a cargo plane, that also makes stops because on one stop my ex work wife got in the plane.
    By work wife I mean, my best homie at work. (In case you were wondering)
  14. She spots me and for some reason she pulls out a gun to show me how cool it is and playfully points it at me and says "bang bang".
  15. I point out that I'd just been shot. Rude. 😡
    I showed her one wound and it was open and I could still see the bullet in my arm.
  16. I wasn't bleeding out nor did I see any blood the entire dream.
  17. But I did feel pain.
  18. Somehow we're off the plane, and I'm not going to the hospital anymore. I'm going somewhere with Rachel.
  19. Drinking I assume.
    I'll pour vodka over my wounds like in the movies.
  20. I walked on my own but it felt like there was a thick rubber band around my ankles and each step was being resisted.
  21. I woke up before I found out where we were going, but I woke up with pain where I'd been shot.
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