Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Static
  2. Static
    On the way the Seattle
  3. Static
    Photo of my niece my mom sent me through email. My niece melts my heart ❤️
  4. Static
    Team happy hour the day before the company holiday party
  5. Static
    Work husband
  6. Static
    Evidence before we all got wasted. I didn't take any pictures during. Probably for the better.
  7. Static
    Next day's Filipino breakfast.
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. Static
    Black Santa is looking FIERCE.
  12. Static
    Had fancy dinner up there with my best bro.
  13. Static
    The view
  14. Static
    Starbucks Reserve
  15. Static
    I don't remember taking this.
  16. Static
    I will own one of these one day.
  17. Static
  18. Static
    I have a modeling career.
  19. Static
    "Facial quality" of course I jumped to the dirty reaches of my mind.
  20. Static
    I know, my December photos aren't festive.
  21. Static