1. I know, I should have stopped at workplace.
  2. I've learned this lesson
  3. But you get to know the people you work with more closely.
  4. And then I can't really resist catching lust?
  5. I don't have feelings, I don't allow that anymore.
  6. But.
  7. I have two work crushes.
  8. #1 is more long term, we seem to be natural dance partners every time we go on bar crawls with other co workers. We're in the same department, same team, we work on projects together.
  9. I was putting in subtle non-dance moves with this one and working up to having the balls and asking her out.
  10. Turns out she's back with her ex.
    She describes it like a shaky off and on situation. I guess there's still hope?
  11. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this list because I'm just writing this one off the cuff. I don't have cuffs.
  12. Love interest #2 is a girl that just started. She's an intern on a different team, but we sit in close proximity.
  13. All of our exchanges are playful, witty, and certain looks. You know what I'm talking about.
  14. Recently, during one of these exchanges she brings up that she has a boyfriend.
  15. I continued the conversation unfazed, but inside I was dying.
    My eyes probably said it.
  16. Not really ruined as the title says. Not because they are bad people.
    A line has been drawn that I need to respect.