1. Friend and I come up to order drinks.
  2. We're an undecided pair.
  3. He says, you want shots?!
  4. Our bartender is a large bearded man with neck and full sleeve tattoos.
    A bad-ass looking type.
  5. Fuck yeah I want a shot!
  6. Alright, let's get Kamikazes he says.
    We joke about what Bad-Ass McGee thinks of this drink order coming from two bros.
  7. Let me stop for a moment and just say... If you like a drink, just fucking order it. Enjoy the things you love. Don't worry about what you look like or what people think. Also, if you identify as male...fuck masculinity, what ever that means.
  8. Cheers, Down the hatch.
    It's a good start to the night's shenanigans.
  9. Alright, now we need some beers to chase the shot.
    Bearded man, an IPA and Hef please.
  10. A woman at the bar turns to us and strikes up a conversation.
    She asks what we just drank.
  11. Kamikazes.
    We laugh a little, because it's fun and ridiculous.
  12. Woman laughs, and says: "You just aged yourselves"
    In a dismissive, snarky tone.
  13. RUDE
  14. Who says that seconds after starting a conversation with someone?
    She turns around and goes back to her friends and her drink.
  15. I didn't know how to react to that...
    And I didn't.
  16. It didn't really hit me until the next day.
  17. Edit:
  18. Don't you hate that? When you think of a comeback waaaaay too late.
  19. But, even if I did know what to come back with... I don't think I would.
  20. If I took the low road...
    I'd reply with: "YOU just aged yourself"
  21. But that feels like a disgusting thing to do.